How To Apply For Nigeria Police Force Recruitment 2023 For Better Selection

How To Apply For Nigeria Police Force Recruitment 2023 For Better Selection

For those of you who are interested in joining Nigeria police force, recruitment is ongoing and you need to know how to fill your form correctly for you to be selected.

My State News will guide you on how to fill your form in a better way so that you won't make mistake because one of the criteria of selection is accuracy of your information so when you are filling your form you need to be accurate as possible.

For quick news if you're not aware that the police service commission in conjunction with the Nigeria Police Force has announced the beginning of recruitment of interested and qualified Nigerians for enlistment into the force as constable (recruits).

The online application portal has opened for the period of six weeks started from 15th October to 26th November 2023.

The prospective applicants are required to complete the online application forms and submit them within the specified period via The portal is open to both male and female.

Nigeria Police Academic requirements

Please note this before you continue you must have some requirement and the police service commission has already listed some of the requirement you must possess for you to be eligible to fill the form. So let me lose some of the requirements according to the release from the police service commission.

1. Applicants are expected to be of Nigerian origin by birth

2. Possess the National Identification Number

3. Possess a minimum of four credits in not more than two sittings one WASSCE/SSCE or its equivalent with credit in English and Mathematics.

4. The age of applicants must be between 18-25 years, they must be medically, physically, and psychologically fit, and must not be less than 1.67m tall for male and 1.64m tall for female.

How to apply

1. Visit with NIN, email, and phone number.

2. Fill out the application form

3. Upload your O’level results, Birth, and Certificate of Origin

4. Print the completed online form, guarantor form and submit same at the physical or credential screening exercise

So that is it as simple as that but let me explain it further. So the above is just the summary of everything but let us go deep into it and let me explain every of the requirement so that you won't miss out of anything.

Nigeria Police Recruitment 2023 Requirements.

Police recruitment is different from any other government recruitment so you must possess some physical and behavioral requirements for you to be selected.

The NPF has outlined the various intellectual, behavioral, and physical standards as seen below.

A candidate must be enthusiastic about a career in the NPF.

A candidate must be a naturalized Nigerian citizen.

All applications must be completed and submitted electronically.

Applicants must be physically, psychologically, and medically healthy.

Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 25.

Candidates should be financially secure in order to join the disciplined forces.

Before beginning an application, each candidate must have a valid phone number, email address, and national identity number (NIN).

At the time of recruiting, female candidates should not be pregnant.

Male applicants must have expanded chest measures of at least 86 cm.

Male candidates must be 167 centimeters tall, while female candidates must be 164 centimeters tall.

A minimum of 5 credits in at most two sittings of NABTEB, NECO, GCE, or WASSCE, with credit passes in mathematics and English, is required.

Scanned copies of the original O-Level result slip are required.

How Can I Apply for Nigeria Police Recruitment 2023

You must have completed the physical screening exercise in order to participate in the 2023 recruitment exercise. Candidates that are eligible may proceed as follows:

To get started, navigate to

Police recruitment

Click ‘Check Status’ to see if you qualify for the next stage.

Log in to the portal by entering your email address and password into the appropriate fields.

If you are qualified, click ‘Print Slip’ to acquire your computer-based test (CBT) examination slip.

Candidates are recommended to check their email and phone numbers frequently during the recruitment process for notifications on their applications. 

If you follow the above tutorial on how to apply for Nigeria police force recruitment you never make mistake so before we close these tutorial let me show you some of the reasons to become a police officer these are some of the benefits you have above the civilians in your community.

10 reasons to become a police officer

Here's a list of 11 reasons to become a police officer:

1. Variety in job duties

A police officer experiences much variety in their day-to-day assignments. They may spend one shift issuing citations for traffic violations, like speeding or failing to adhere to road signs, and another shift responding to a motor vehicle accident. Furthermore, a police officer may be responsible for responding to a crime scene, gathering evidence and interviewing various people.

2. Camaraderie with coworkers

A police officer has a responsibility not only to their community but also to their fellow coworkers. They respond to crime scenes together and support and help one another whenever possible. They establish good working relationships with one another so that they can be more productive and stay safe while on the job.

3. Excellent compensation and benefits

A career as a police officer can be financially rewarding. The average annual salary for a police officer is $53,583 per year, and you may become eligible for pay increases as you accumulate service years. If you choose to stay within the field of law enforcement, you can use your experience as a police officer to earn a promotion as a detective. Detectives make an average salary of $84,083 per year.

This career also has notable benefits. Many police officers receive medical, vision and dental insurance. They also get paid for family leave, sick leave, vacation and long-term disabilities. Some employers offer their police officers generous retirement plans and life insurance policies.

4. Opportunities to use problem-solving skills

One of a police officer's main responsibilities is to solve problems. They think and act quickly to keep themselves and civilians safe. Many individuals who want to become police officers enjoy the challenge of resolving crimes with the evidence they collect. For example, a police officer may use footage from a body camera and testimonies from witnesses to connect elements of a case.

5. Opportunities to make a difference in people's lives

A police officer often confronts people who are engaging in criminal activity and protects people from harm. Depending on how a police officer responds, they can make a difference in the lives of individuals whom they serve and protect. They can show compassion and empathy while still remaining authoritative. They might also comfort people who are experiencing difficult situations or circumstances.

6. Ability to serve the community

A police officer can also impact the area they serve as a whole. They protect the community or certain neighborhoods and work to reduce crime rates. By arresting suspects and leading investigations, a police officer can keep the community safe from people who are committing crimes.

7. Varied hours

A police officer rarely works traditional 9-to-5 shifts. Instead, they might have a more varied work schedule. For example, a police officer may work early in the morning or through the night, giving the opportunity to spend time with their family during the day. Some employers allow their police officers to work four 10-hour days, granting them a three-day weekend every week.

8. No traveling required

Some individuals may want to work in a law enforcement capacity but prefer not to travel. If you're looking to transition from a similar line of work, such as the military, a job as a police officer may appeal to you. As a police officer, you get to engage in similar strategic work that involves communication, coordination and command. You can also choose nearly any city to work in, as most have some kind of law enforcement department in place. Once you find your career as a police officer in a city you like, you can remain in your position without traveling for work.

9. Job security

There continues to be a demand for police officers in many communities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this career has a 7% projected growth, which is about as fast as average for other careers. If you become a police officer, you're likely to find employment in both rural or urban areas.

10. Potential to work with animals

If you want a career that lets you work with animals, a police officer may be a good option for you. Police officers often train dogs to detect illegal substances and participate in search and rescue operations. Training a canine for police-related tasks is an intensive process, and a police officer with an affinity and command of animals can succeed in preparing them for fieldwork.

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