Nigerian Father Weeps After DNA Reveals None of His Four Children Are Biologically His

Nigerian Father Weeps After DNA Reveals None of His Four Children Are Biologically His

According to a report by Vanguard, a 44-year-old Mr. Olanrewaju Kolawole found himself in the depths of despair after DNA test results shattered his world.

The tests revealed that none of the four children he shared with his wife, Mrs. Tella Toyin, were biologically related to him.

The moment unfolded in a viral video, capturing Kolawole's profound emotional turmoil as he grappled with the devastating reality.

The couple, hailing from Ikire in Osun State, had been blessed with four children: Ayomide, 16, Sarah, 12, and two younger children, aged 8 and 5.

The revelation of possible paternity fraud came to light during their appearance on the renowned radio show 'Kokoro Alate' on Agidigbo FM, Ibadan, hosted by Oriyomi Hamzat.

The unraveling began with the DNA test of their eldest child, which delivered the crushing blow that the child was not Kolawole's biological offspring.

Faced with this startling revelation, he subsequently pursued tests for the remaining three children, all of which returned equally heartbreaking results - none of the children were biologically his.

In Kolawole's own words, "I want Nigerians to come to my rescue because I must not suffer this in vain. I married Toyin in 2007 and gave birth to four children. She gave birth to four children, but none of them belongs to me after findings from a DNA test."

When questioned about his decision to conduct the tests, Kolawole shared that he had been prompted by unsettling behavior from his wife that raised suspicions.

The DNA tests were conducted at the DDC DNA Diagnostic Center in Osogbo.

However, in response to the distressing revelation, Mrs. Tella Toyin expressed vehement disagreement with the results.

She maintained that she had not been present during the sample collection and therefore could not verify which samples were taken.

She stated, "I don’t accept the result. I don’t accept it because I was not there when they took samples, and I don’t know which sample they took, so I don’t accept it. I can’t accept it because I know how I conceived those children."

The couple, who wed in 2007, are members of the same church in the Ikoyi area of Osun State, further adding a layer of complexity to this heartrending revelations.

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